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In an effort to help streamline things this site will be merged with "BIKINGFORAUTISM.ORG" in the near future so we can concentrate on only having to moderate and update 1 site. The BMX4AUTISM.ORG url will continue work after the merge has been enacted so there is no need to add a new bookmark.


Currently all our efforts are self funded but we are looking for outside financial support to help us continue our outreach efforts and continue on our mission of making this our life’s work. Please be aware that many of those on the spectrum need your understanding, support and assistance, so even if you do not wish to support our efforts please consider supporting one of the other many children's charitable efforts.


 If you are interested in helping to support our efforts with monetary support, product support or both please contact.

Make a 1 time or monthly donation via Paypal

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(Paypal account not required you can make a donation with your credit card)

All donations made through Paypal go directly towards supporting our charitable efforts and are use to cover administration costs, attend events and shows (booth space fees), fund charity rides etc… (surplus funds will be donated to Autism and other Children’s charities) BMX4AUTISM and BMX4CHARITY is part of BikingForAutism LLC which is recognized as an L3C entity (low-profit, limited liability company) As an L3C we have an explicit primary charitable mission and only a secondary profit concern.
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